Friday, December 31, 2010

Mango Fire White Cheddar Cheese

Jim's Cheese Pantry Mango Fire White Cheddar Cheese

Well friends, it's New Year's Eve and before we crack open the champagne and sparkling juice, I thought we should try a new snack for the new year. I picked up a small block of Jim's Cheese Pantry, Inc.'s Mango Fire White Cheddar Cheese at Shelton's Market, and work combined with holiday furor conspired to leave it untouched for three days, possibly a record around a family of cheese hounds. The fire component of the cheese are habenero pepper bits, which give this cheese a kick that proved to be too much for two out of three guinea pigs, but perfect for me & my fellow fan of the flame, Yeti. I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrant mango flavor and how well it works with the other notes.

Mango Fire White Cheddar Cheese with Triscuits

Now, we sampled this in the most basic cheese fashion, plain with cracker. The complex flavors of this unique cheese don't lend themselves to a lot of applications, but cheese lover that I am, a cheese for cheese's sake will never go lonely in my dairy drawer.

I am, as this year draws to a close, thankful that my long-suffering relatives have, over the years, become accustomed to me arriving at their homes armed with a market bag of unusual snacks and the customary libation of the day. Thanks for being my experimental tasters, family.

Happy New Year!

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